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Tips For Selling Your Stamp Collection

Author: Victor Epand

Stamp collectors will spend a huge amount of time collecting stamps and the majority actually spends their entire lives collecting. However, there are some collectors who collect stamps only to resell them, so here are some helpful tips for selling your stamps.

Collectors spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money acquiring their stamps to build their collection, how ever many make a vital mistake. That mistake is not selling their stamps while before their death. The knowledge of how, where, and when to actually sell a stamp collection is an incredibly important part of the collection process.


The family of the avid collector will not appreciate the effort that has been put into creating the collection of stamps as the collector did. Thus, the collection may not bring the potential profit it should, so the collector should take responsibility in their collection by either training a child in this unique hobby or by gaining the best possible profits from their collection. However, there are advantages and disadvantages with each way the collector decides to sell their collection.

Several collectors may decide to sell their stamps directly to stamp dealers, but the disadvantages to selling to a dealer is that dealers will usually give the lowest price for stamps, especially if the collector is attempting to sell a huge quantity. The dealer may also only give the collector a wholesale value, which means that someone else is going to receive the profits from your collection when they mark them up. The advantages of selling your collection to a dealer is that it is a very quick process and usually it is done in cash. If the collector has a bulky collection that is not organized, then this may just be the best choice.

Some collectors prefer to sell directly to other collectors through shows or stamp clubs and it is not unusual for any collector to sell their collection to friend, who collect stamps. Auction houses is another avenue that any collector could choose when wanting to sell their entire collection, although their collection will be broken down to sold individually at other private sales.

When selling a collection the market value of the collection must first be determined. However, many collectors do not understand or have the knowledge needed in determining the true condition of stamp, so the collection may need to be taken to a professional to be evaluated. Relaying on the individual or dealer to determine the purchase price means that they must be trust worthy, so there is some danger in doing this, especially if they are the one who are buying them.

A collection of stamps can also be sold by private treaty, which means selling your collection to another collector through the use of a private agent. The agent acts as a middle man, who is a stamp dealer or a private auctioning house where the sales will include either one stamp or your entire collection. Ultimately, the private agent or middle man will receive a fee or percentage for their service, which will decrease your profits.

The advantages of using a private treat are that it is a cash sale, your collection would be sold entirely, and the profits would be better than by wholesale or directly to a dealer. The disadvantage is that the price for your collection may be less after the private agent receives their fee.

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