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Tips For Adding Stamps To Your Collection

Author: Victor Epand

Collecting stamps has become a world wide hobby does not need a huge amount of financial backing to begin. In fact, all that is needed is hard work to collect stamps that are inexpensive, but your efforts will be rewarded with a collection that shows your own personality.


The best place to start your own collection is from your own incoming mail and you may be surprised at the variety of stamps you will be able to locate in this way, which do not cost you a thing. Let your friends and relatives know about your decision to start a stamp collection, which will produce even more stamps for your collection that do not cost your a single penny.

Let your neighbors also know about your collection, so that they can tell their own friends and family members to start saving stamps. In no time at all, you could have a huge collection of stamps. By asking your friends, neighbors, and family members to save their empty envelopes you may have letter coming in from all over the country in no time. Now you have developed a kind of lookout support team to help you in your pursuit of stamps.

Another way to collect easily is you or someone you know works in an office, because you can have them save the empty envelopes for you also. Sometimes office mail is scanned and the best stamps are sent from a variety of locations to that work place. Your parents, friends, relatives, and neighbors will be happy to check at their offices for incoming mail. Your stamp support team may also have old letters that are still in their envelopes, and all collectors known that older stamps are better and are more unique.

To remove stamps from their envelopes carefully soak the stamps on the envelopes in water, which will make it easy to remove the stamps. This way adhesive will be lost and then the stamp can be separated from the envelope. Next dry the stamps carefully by minimizing any possible damage that can be caused by them being torn.

Getting help from other collectors is another valuable way to increase your knowledge about this wonderful hobby. Collectors gather together for swap meets to exchange any duplicate stamps that they may have with other collectors. Some times clubs will present stamps as prizes or even make them available cheaper for club members. Another way to meet other collectors is by joining a stamp club if there is one in your local neighborhood. If there is not a stamp club in your area, then start your own club with stamp enthusiasts in your own neighborhood that can meet every weekend or every other weekend to exchange ideas and information on the latest stamps available.

Pen pals are another source for collecting stamps, because letters would have stamps for their own area. Although you both may be from the same country does not mean that your stamps will be the same. Perhaps, your pen pal will start collecting stamps their selves and you can swap stamp through the mail! Collectors can even purchase stamps directly through the mail by ordering them through a variety of magazines and newspapers, but be cautious when purchasing these items by paying close attention to their return policy.

Hopefully, these tips will provide you with great ways for starting your stamp collection. The main purpose is to create a collection by learning about each stamp as you add it to your collection by saving money and having great time while collecting them.

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