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A Guide To Starting A Stamp Collection

Author: Victor Epand

The enthusiast of stamp collecting have collected stamps as their hobby due to their interesting features and designs for an extremely long time, but to learn more about collecting stamps then you need to be able to take a closer look at each stamp.

Stamp collecting will entice your to think of things you have never actually thought of before, such as their bright colors and the fine print. These features are hard to resist by any avid stamp collector, so you will want to learn everything you can about this exciting hobby. Stamp collecting does take extra patience and even years to be able to perfect the grading art of stamps.


To be able to properly store your collection of stamps, then an album will need to be purchased, which will help keep your stamps in a safe place. Be sure that the album you purchase will be large enough to store any stamps you may purchase in the future, because your collection will continue to grow. You may also want to invest in polythene packet, which will keep your stamp collection album from getting wet and your years of collecting going to waste.

Other equipment you will need for your collection includes a magnifying glass and a pair of stamp tongs. The magnifying glass will be needed to inspect the fine details of vintage stamps that you are unable to see with your naked eye, and the pair of stamp tongs will prevent you from damaging stamps with your oily skin, but make sure your tongs have a rounded tip instead of a pointed tip.

With the use of the Internet, there are no boundaries now when building any stamp collection. When you decide to begin creating you own collection figure out what type of design or theme you have in mind for your collection. Pick a theme that will keep your own interest and shows your personality, because your collection should define itself through your interests.

There are a variety of themes to choose from when beginning a collection of stamps. A duck hunter may want to collect stamps from the duck series, while a dog or cat lover will want their collection to show a variety of dogs and cats. You may choose stamps from a country like Switzerland, Ireland, or the United States, but then again you may have served in the military and have discovered while servicing your country that you there are special stamp theme which honor the armed services.

Collecting stamps should be exciting and interesting when searching for stamps for your own collection, and it seems as if new collectors will seize everything that catches their eye and gains their immediate interest. However, sometimes the new collector is not aware of the condition of the stamps they are purchasing, because they are more interested in the fact that they have actually found the stamps. As they continue purchasing stamps for their collection they will become more aware of the condition of the stamps they are purchasing. Stamps that have a small tear or if the design is not perfectly centered may seem desirable at first, but as the collector gains experience they will release what conditions in each type stamps are acceptable and what are not.

As experience, knowledge, and understanding grows the new collector will realize that they need to look closely at each stamps before purchasing them. There is no set amount of stamps that any collection should have or need, in fact, some collections contain more than three hundred thousand stamps. So as you see there are no set guide lines on getting started collecting stamps.

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