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Tips for Stamp Collectors

A Brief Look at the Origin of the Postage Stamp
In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill, after having completed exhaustive studies of the postal service then in effect, made public his revolutionary idea, the stamp. This was, reduced to its simplest expression, m..

A glossary of stamp collecting terms
This basic glossary of descriptions offers many of the most basic terms in philately.

A Guide To Starting A Stamp Collection
The enthusiast of stamp collecting have collected stamps as their hobby due to their interesting features and designs for an extremely long time, but to learn more about collecting stamps then you nee..

Collect Stamps for Fun and Profit
I collect postage stamps. Postage stamps are pieces of miniature art designed by top class engravers and master artists around the world. They can be collected used or in mint condition. As a student since my pocket-money was limited I preferred collecting used stamps.

Different Type Of Stamp Collectors
The stamp collection mania occurred shortly after the first stamps were used for mailing letters. The first official name for the hobby was timbromania ...

Getting Started in Stamp Collecting
Stamp collecting used to be regarded a childish hobby as during the mid 1800's it was mostly pursued by children and teenagers. As those children grew into adulthood, they remained avid collectors ..

Getting Your Stamp Collection Started
Stamp collecting is definitely a fun and interesting hobby for those who get the bug. It gives you an opportunity to collect tiny pieces of history from all over the world.

How Do You Start a Stamp Collection?
Regardless of how you start or which direction you go, Gather up all your incoming parcels and envelopes and ask all your friends and relatives to save theirs for you, too.

Learn About The World's Most Valuable Stamps
There are rare and valuable stamps in all postal systems of the world. Two of the best known of these are the Inverted Jenny, which was a printing error and the 1-cent Z grill stamp from the US postal..

Learn More About Destinations All Over The World With Stamp Collecting
Out of all the hobbies you may enter, stamp collecting not only allows you to have fun, but also provides you with a looking glass into the past, present, as well as future. It is a pastime ...

Nicknames of Famous Stamps
Some stamps have become so famous that they have been given nicknames.

Quotes on Stamp Collecting
Famous Quotes on Stamps and Stamp Collecting

Software To Aid In Stamp Collecting
There are a variety of softwares available to collectors to help aid them in collecting their stamps with databases that are filled will plate numbers and a different variety of stamps to enable stamp..

Stamp Collecting - A Time-Honored Hobby
Collecting stamps is a very interesting hobby that is preferred and loved by the people throughout the world. Stamp collecting is the act of gathering of Stamps and basically the labels placed on the letters as charge for the postal delivery that are...

Stamp Collecting Basics
Stamp collecting is the most popular hobby in the world. Philately is a broader term for the study of stamps, and it is frequently - but wrongly - equated to stamp collecting.

Stamp Collecting Spans Generations
If you really want to get to know someone, ask them to tell you about their favorite hobby or collection. Those that collect their preferred collectables are usually passionate about their interest, leading some psychologists to believe that a hobby or collecting as essential for happiness and stability.

Stamp collecting: A great hobby for kids
Stamp collecting for kids may not sound like the answer to parent's dreams but with so many possibilities on offer, this is one hobby that is sure to be a hit.

Stamp Collection in 5 Simply Steps
Stamps are the 'oil' that runs the modern postal service. But these tiny pieces of self adhesive paper, didn't alway exist.

Stamps Collecting has Never Been So Easy
Collecting stamps has been a popular pastime ever since there were stamps to collect. Collecting stamps has never been easier and collecting isn’t just for the gray-haired gentleman who spends his days ...

Storage For Your Stamp Collection
Collectors all over the world need to take precaution when it comes to protecting their collection of stamps and by properly storing your stamps you help them from any conditions that may cause deteri..

Sweden acts against facsimiles
The Swedish Society has entered on a campaign against the manufacture of so called "facsimilies" of obsolete stamps and has been successful in securing the aid of the Swedish Postal Department.

Taking A Look At The Varieties Of China Stamps
The Swedish Society has entered on a campaign against the manufacture of so called "facsimilies" of obsolete stamps and has been successful in securing the aid of the Swedish Postal Department.

The Art of Stamp Collecting
Stamp collecting takes place all over the world. Indeed, there are likely few, if any, hobbies that are as widespread as stamp collecting. Stamp collectors come from all backgrounds, which is again re..

The Early History Of Stamps
The knowledge of when the first stamp was created will help stamp collectors know when this fine hobby began, and it will allows collectors to realize the great history of this awesome art of stamps. ..

The History Of Stamp Collecting
With the birth of stamps came the birth of stamp collectors, which occurred shortly after the first adhesive postage stamp was introduced by Great Britain during the year of 1840. The study of postage..

The Real Deal about Stamp Collecting Prices
Stamps have been a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Because of the ubiquity of stamps, it is inevitable that many individuals over the years took interest in collecting these stamps.

The Reason People Should Invest In Stamps
There has been a flurry in the numbers of philatelists who are thinking of investments. The world has gone through a series of debacles in the fields of securities investments and the rising menace ...

Tips For Adding Stamps To Your Collection
Collecting stamps has become a world wide hobby does not need a huge amount of financial backing to begin. In fact, all that is needed is hard work to collect stamps that are inexpensive, but your eff..

Tips For Selling Your Stamp Collection
Stamp collectors will spend a huge amount of time collecting stamps and the majority actually spends their entire lives collecting. However, there are some collectors who collect stamps only to resell..

Tips For Storing Your Stamp Collection
When ever stamp collectors get ready to store their stamps they will want to ever precaution they possibly can to ensure that no damage will come to their investments. Professional stamp dealers or an..

Understanding Rare Stamp Collecting Classifications
Stamps are classified into four separate types. They are Stamp Types, Purpose, Formats and Condition.

Valuable Information For Any Stamp Collector
With experience comes knowledge and understanding that collector will gain and continue to increase as they add to their collection. There is no set amount of exactly how many stamps can be included i..

Valuable Tips For Collecting Stamps
Any stamp collector appreciates valuable information and tips that will help them protect their investments. With any type of collection, knowledge and understanding is the key, and through research t..

Where To Find Information on Postage Stamps
For online information on postage stamps, hobbyists can check catalogs like Scott's, societies like the American Philatelic Society, authentication centers like the Postal Stamp Experts, or buying and..

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